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    Send Airtime credit to
    your loved ones.
    With us you can TopUp the
    prepaid phone of your friends
    and family back home.

Step 1-Enter the mobile number

Enter the mobile phone number of your recipient. We will tell you the name of the country and which network this number belongs to.

step 2-Select the amount

Select the amount you wish to TopUp.


step 3-Make the payment

Make the payment And that's it, Airtime credit is sent instantly, and we will send you a confirmation by email.

About Us

Top up the prepaid phones of friends and family abroad Trustworthy and safe credit transfer to more than 100 countries

Our Core Features

  • Easy Transfer
  • Elegant and Easy to Use
  • User Friendly
  • Topup anywhere in the world

Become a partner

Our aim is to be the number one "enabler of value transfer for people from developing countries who now reside in developed countries". And Yours?

National Top-up

You can also buy a national Pay As You Go mobile phone voucher here. Please choose the network and the amount you wish to purchase